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Brianagh O'Rourke


Nioclas MacWilliam

Brianagh (Bri) O'Rourke

Name Pronunciation: Bree-ann-nah Oh-roar-k

The Winter Laird Mists of Fate Book

When she was just a few hours old, Brianagh O'Rourke was handed to the original O'Rourke Protector, Reilly O'Malley, and brought forward in time to modern day America. She became a smart, driven, modern-day woman who loved nothing more than to see people get their happily-ever-after. Combining the legendary romance of her Irish heritage with her love of romance, Bri created her Boston, Massachusetts-based matchmaking company, Celtic Connections.

Nioclas (Nick) MacWilliam

Name Pronunciation: Nee-klaws Mac-will-yum

Nioclas MacWilliam proved himself to be strategically brilliant, a strong warrior, and a powerful warrior laird. Twenty years prior, to secure his clan's safety, he agreed to a betrothal with the O'Rourke's daughter, and he upholds the betrothal agreement when he rescues Bri from his father.  Nick isn't the chattiest of heroes. When he falls in love, it's forever, and he's a warrior at heart - so he will stop at nothing to win.

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