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Emmaline Perkins


Aidan MacWilliaM

Emmaline (Emma) Perkins

​Name Pronunciation: Emma-leen Per-kins

An Enchanted Spring.jpg

Emmaline is rebuilding her life after a disastrous relationship. Fighting to be fully independent, Emma learned the hard way what an abusive relationship could do to a person. Determined to make it on her own, she works hard at her job and gets through every day with grit and determination...until it all falls apart in spectacular form. She's reluctant to allow her newest client to help her, but she's learning that no woman is an island. 

Aidan MacWilliam

Name Pronunciation: Ay-den Mac-will-yum

Eight years ago, Aidan MacWilliam came through a time gate and became stuck in the future. His entire life had been dedicated to protecting his clan and his laird - who also happens to be his brother. However, he hasn't had any success returning to his time, and it's taken a toll on him. With the help of his family in the future, he's adapted, but Aidan yearns to return home. 

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