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Gwendolyn Allen


Reilly O'Malley

Gwendolyn (Gwen) Allen

Name Pronunciation: Gwen-doh-linn Al-len


Gwen loves volunteering her time for worthy projects, but her last trip ended tragically. She's come back to the one place she knows she's safest - Reilly O'Malley's cottage just outside of Dublin, Ireland. She's well aware of Reilly's time-traveling secret, though not even she understands the true depth of him.  Gwen is straightforward, confident, and  willing to go after what she wants, but she knows when to admit defeat, too. But her heart and her mind are never in sync when it comes to her best friend.

Reilly (Ry) O'Malley

Name Pronunciation: Rie-lee Oh-Mal-ee

Reilly O'Malley has secrets that not even the O'Rourkes know. He's always done what the three Fates have trained him to do, and he's not above admitting he's enjoyed the resulting privileges and power. He's never had any trouble convincing people to do as he wished...with the exception of Gwendolyn Allen. Reilly has a smart mouth and street smarts dating back longer than he cares to admit. But when he's forced to rely on only his charm, he learns that love - and Gwen - are the only things he can't control.

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