Eleanor Carberry


Colin O'Rourke

Eleanor Carberry (Ellie)

Name Pronunciation: Ell-en-or Car-berry

Eleanor is a bit...bookish. She's introverted, loyal, quiet, and sure of herself - and family is very important to her, as she has only her aunt.​ Years after a devastating loss, she's ready to find love, but she'd much rather do it out of the spotlight. Ellie's inner strength is tested, refined, and tested some more - and she's going to need every ounce of that strength to deal with stubborn Colin O'Rourke.

Colin O'Rourke (Col)

Name Pronunciation: Caw-lin Ok-rawr-k

Colin is a busy man. By day, he's the CEO of Celtic Connections, the matchmaking business his cousin Brianagh left to him. By night (or, really, at whatever time the Fates call him), he's one of the O'Rourke Protectors, guarding the family's time travel secret. He's anxious to prove that he can take Celtic Connections internationally, but gets caught in a sticky web when his first client is also his soul mate. ​Matching her with someone suitable is essential to proving to himself that he is worthy of the company Bri left him, but letting Ellie go isn't an option, either. What's a time traveler to do? 


  • The Winter Laird (Book 1) - Colin only

  • An Enchanted Spring (Book 2) - Colin only

  • Once Upon a Summer Night (Book 3)

  • Falling Through Time (Book 4) - Colin & Ellie

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